Paul Mathewson

From early in my life, I had a feeling that I would choose the financial industry as the path for my career. I supported my own way through college running my own business; a residential window cleaning business. I learned quickly the importance of customer service, treating my clientele with the utmost courtesy and respect. My motto was “Taking Care of Your Panes”.

I kept that business even after transitioning to the financial industry.It has been a wonderful opportunity, which has enabled my employees to learn the value of hard work and customer service. A couple of my own sons have been able to work for me as well, learning valuable lessons on punctuality and customer service.

I have taken the motto “Taking Care of Your Panes” into my career as a “Financial Consultant”. My number one goal is to take away the “pains” of my clients by assisting them in managing their financial concerns. I help my clients define and identify personal goals and objectives, and then build and follow a plan that will help them reach and live their desired financial lifestyle. We ensure that we are on track and making progress by holding regular reviews once we have an initial plan in place.

I love to climb mountains. My goal is to reach the highest point of all the western states. At this point, I have two summits remaining. Climbing a mountain is a lot like following a successful financial plan. It takes action and effort, and boils down to taking one step at a time until the goal is achieved.

I try to get the most out of life, and love when I am able to enable my clients to do the same through proper management of the resources available to them.

I have had challenges, which give me perspective. I went through a divorce, which was very painful, and damaging to my children. It was to say the least, a setback, but setbacks provide opportunities for growth. Having been through a divorce helps me relate to, and help clients who are facing similar challenges, and who are forced to adjust their financial plan to a new reality.

I was fortunate enough to find love again. My wife Jan is an amazing person. Together we have 9 beautiful children and 6 grand-children. Our kids are the joy of our lives. Jan and I love spending time playing golf and hiking in the mountains. We also love the ocean and the beach, and go there often.

Now you know a little about me. I love meeting new people and helping them in their financial journey. I would love to sit down and get to know you so I can help you solve the puzzle of financial success.

Services offered by Mathewson Widow Cleaning are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth.